JG Ranch & Events Arena
880 20 Rd Fruita, Colorado 81521
(970) 424-3584


Here at JG Ranch, we treat our clients just like family. Why? Because we're kind folks that believe in respect and the love of the outdoors.

Our arena is available to the general public and for event rental.

Our Services

Horse Boarding: $7.00 - $11.00 per day

Overnight Horse Boarding: $25.00 per night

Arena Rental $500 per day

Skid Loader Rental

$300 per day (bucket & forks included)

Post Pounder: $125.00 per day

Auger: $75.00 per day

Trencher 6” by 4’: $100.00 per day

Tree Stump Remover: $25.00 per day

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